Why Us?

First thing you may ask yourself is why us over another website. The best reasons would have to be the fact we are a US/EU based company, meaning your account will not just be treated like a sale, we communicate with you and treat you like a person. When you enter our live chat, skype, or e-mail, you won’t receive responses with terribly broken English. We always take security serious.

We are the only website that sells MGP, and even then we lower our prices, because even with no competitors, we still want to make sure prices are affordable by everyone. We cannot say we will always be the cheapest in power leveling, since that market is rough and the sites with tons of employee’s will always be able to undercut other sites easily. That being said, the question still remains, if you’re from the US/EU, wouldn’t you prefer someone from your continent logging on your account to better your security, and not the typical gold farmer looking IP’s logging into your account and risking you getting automatically banned?

Mog Vendor is relatively new, we been around for half a year or so, but we will continue to stay around and attempt to provide you with the cheapest, and most secure services. We can almost guarantee you no other site of this nature cares about the security and safety of your account. We have even denied a sale to someone that has a previous ban on record, because even though they want our services, the thought of them never being able to login again if the worst case scenario were to happen, is just too much. We love this game, and we love gaming in general.