Please read the following terms of service before making a purchase on our website. Some of these terms may seem harsh, we apologize for that, but for our safety and your safety, these terms must be followed.

  1. Account Services Terms: We require your account to be clean of any past temporary bans. We require you to not mention to others that you have purchased power leveling or tomestone farming. People can be envious and report you, which may result in a temporary/permanent ban of your account. If we receive any notifications in-game that show us someone is aware you are being power leveled or tomestone farmed, we have every right to cancel your order. Your account being safe is worth more to us than completing a sale.
  2. Account Purchasing Terms: We require you to not mention your account has been purchased. We require you to understand all purchases are final, any bans you may be responsible for after the sale is not something we are liable for.

Refund Policies

  1. Account Services Refund Policy: We cannot provide full refunds for sales that have been marked as completed. If for any reason we decide to stop or cancel an order that is in progress, we will refund you partially based on the amount of progress that was completed. This partial amount will be based off a percentage of completion (Example: 20% done, will provide you with a 80% refund). You must understand you are purchasing our time and effort, that is not something we can take back, so we cannot refund you for something we have worked on. We will only refund you for what we have not worked on.
  2. Account Purchasing Refund Policy: We have a 7 day money back policy for accounts, only if we have personally verified nothing was taken off the account, and nothing has lowered the value of the account since the purchase. If you have gotten the account banned, that is something we are not liable for, and we will not provide a refund for.