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Need a quick boost so you can take the rest of the week easy? You’ve come to the right place. With our booster packs you can give us a day or so on your account, and rest easy knowing all you have to do now is enjoy the game without the grind.



FFXIV MGP, Tomestones, and FFXIV Wolf Mark Farming

While the tomestones and MGP are nice, FFXIV Wolf Mark Farming is where it’s at!

Platform: PC (If you want it for PS4, please purchase the game for PC, it will still be the same account/character)

Requirements: Max Level, PvP Unlocked, Appropriate ilvl to queue for PvP

Be honest, you get tired and burnt out on FFXIV Wolf Mark Farming, FFXIV MGP Farming, and FFXIV Tomestone Farming. This is where we come in, we will grind out PvP queues for you. We will do your Roulette’s if we need to. Anything it may take to cap your currencies, is our duty, and we will complete our duty! Please keep in mind, we need to be able to queue for PvP, so have the proper item level for the highest queue of PvP. We cannot promise to be the most competitive players on FFXIV PvP, but we will cap your currency, that’s what counts, right? Right?…

Thanks to the power of Data Center queues and Frontline Free Lancer, the time it takes to cap your FFXIV PvP Wolf Marks shouldn’t take as long as it used to. It still does take a constant grind, but let us handle that part of it. Powering up your character is what we do here at Mog Vendor.

Keep in mind, it is best to keep an eye on maintenance times before purchasing this product. Also, do not try using it as a way to “Cap before raid”, because on most Data Centers, high activity in PvP doesn’t start until around 5-7 hours before the normal raid times. During that time we may be able to get about 300-400 Tomestones, maybe even cap, but we cannot promise it.

For more information on PvP, you can find out a lot more about FFXIV PvP at Console Games Wiki.