1,000,000 MGP

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The “I want a mount!” Package, you will be able to purchase the amazing FFXIV Fenrir Mount with your 1 million FFXIV MGP, or the FFXIV Archon Throne and you’ll even be able to have some nice spare MGP for an awesome outfit or getting closer to the FFXIV Adamantoise Mount if you check out the bonus steps down below.



FFXIV Fenrir Mount Package

Everyone wants the FFXIV Fenrir mount, now is your chance!

Duration: 3 Days (2 full days in most cases)

Popular Items bought with 1,000,000 FFXIV MGP:

  • FFXIV Fenrir Mount
  • FFXIV Archon Throne Mount
  • Adamantoise Mount
  • Cloud Strife Card
  • Nanamo Ul Namo Card
  • Senor Sabotender Card
  • FFXIV Gambler’s Outfit
  • FFIXV Bunny Outfit
  • Bunny Chief Outfit



  • If during the order you mention you’ll give a review afterwards, you’ll get an additional 100k MGP and even more features below.
  • If you leave a review, and FFXIV has a big patch that adds more MGP items, you can come back to us for a free 100K MGP boost.

While we cannot enforce the first review bonus, we would highly appreciate it if you did it anyways, and we can promise you won’t regret it.

Want to know more about the FFXIV Fenrir Mount? It’s a 1 passenger flying mount purchased using 1 million MGP. FFXIV MGP Farming is the only way to get this currency. It is not trade-able. Most people take weeks if not months farming for the Fenrir Mount. With our methods we farm you 1 million MGP in less than a day! Unfortunately we do not reveal all of our methods. We will at least try to make sure you guys can farm MGP efficiently. With that you can buy the smaller things with ease, and the bigger things with a shorter grind.

If you’re looking for less MGP, then don’t forget to check out our 100k MGP Offer!

Stop hesitating, and ride off on your FFXIV Fenrir now. You can find out more about Fenrir on Console Games Wiki. Keep in mind the Fenrir Mount is a flying mount, so you have no limitations. Fly freely in style. We hope to see you in soon!

16 reviews for 1,000,000 MGP

  1. Jon Barker

    Great seller, found the post on facebook, felt uneasy about trusting someone on my account, but it actually all went super smooth. No gil was used, nothing was done without my permission, the guy even asked if he can unlock the challenge log for me lol. Ofcourse you can, you’re helping me! It was still really nice that they asked, was the best customer service I’ve had

  2. kinkouos

    Great people! I skyped asking questions initially, they were very receptive and made me feel like a friend! After they calmed my worries, I went ahead and ordered. They had it done well before I anticipated them to, and they handed me my account back with no worries! I was able to grab that sweet, sweet Fenrir mount and go about my merry way. Wonderful service, will definitely come back for any further services!

  3. yomanzup

    Excellent seller, pleasure to do business with. Very quick responses and the person I spoke with was very understanding, kind, and professional. Everything was completed faster than I had anticipated. Great experience all around!

  4. Justin

    Amazing service. Had my order done by the time I woke up for work. The customer service was great as well. Really cool people who I could see myself playing with.

  5. Alex

    Amazingly fast service provided by very kind people. Had it done in less than a day despite me placing the order in the dead of night. I definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a fast and trustworthy service.

  6. Richard Mann

    First Time buyer. Seller was open, honest and reliable. Would come back for additional services.

  7. Petsn

    Ordered just a while ago, the service was really fast and the support really kind, would buy another Fenrir again haha

  8. Larry Christianson II

    Can’t say enough good, that wasn’t already said, can only reiterate. Outstanding service, unbelievably fast, quick reasponse time, and just all around great people. Highly recommended and would definitely return for future services.

  9. Daniel Neumann

    This service is 100% amazing. Instead of spending weeks and months grinding for MGP, I was able to sit back and have it all taken care of. What’s amazing is that it did NOT take 3 days as the duration listed. In fact, it was completed in only two days which is absolutely insane! I was able to easily communicate via Skype and there was no broken English or miscommunication. I cannot stress how easy and stress free the whole process was. 5/5 stars!

  10. Matthew Hutchinson

    Incredible, unique, customisable, personal. All words which I would use to describe the service provided to me. Mog Vendor was constantly available to message (through skype) should I have worries or questions and always provided me with a satisfying answer with which I could take away knowing my account was in good-hands. Admittedly, I was a little sceptical of the service at first (as one would be with this type of product) but they assured me – sometimes going so far as to provide photographical proof of their work. Astounding product and I couldn’t praise it highly enough, 5 stars!

  11. crimsonmoons23

    great service! friendly customer service and fast if i say so myself! they can always be contacted during the service as well asking for updates or asking questions.

    highly recommended to anyone who is interested in their services you will not regret it at all i will definitely come back in the future!

  12. Fusbarmit

    Great service if you dont have the time to grind or what have you. Very friendly people who are there to make sure all your needs are met. And you are left very satisfied. Their response time is very fast. And even the service is fast. Highly recommend them to anyone. ^-^

  13. jarizard3030

    Great service! They started almost immediately after purchase and turnaround was barely over a full day! I highly recommend them to anyone that is looking to get through the mgp grind fast and easy!

  14. Chris M.

    Awesome Service! I was hesitant about it at first since it involves allowing access to your account to even accomplish the task. They were quick with their responses and answered any and all questions I had. The process was finished faster than the initial time frame I was given. Ontop of that they were even willing to work around my schedule if I wanted to get in some play time during the process. In my case I didn’t play at all just so they could do their thing, but if you wanted to just have it done during your off hours it is an option. All in all it was a great, professional, fast service and I will definitely be letting my friends know about it.

  15. Mimi

    Customer service was amazing. Regular updates and offers of flexibility if I wanted to log in.
    Will definitely use this service again and highly recommend.
    Thanks again everyone

  16. Kente McCray

    Just made my order so far so good really easy to understand and place. Super exited to see how this goes.

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