FFXIV Tomestones and MGP Bundle

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A quick way to cap your FFXIV Tomestones for the week, and get some bonus MGP along with it.


FFXIV Tomestones and MGP Bundle

Let’s get those FFXIV Tomestones done for the week!

Platform: PC (If you want it for Playstation, please purchase the game for PC, it will still be the same account/character)

Requirements: Max Level, Any Max Level Dungeon Unlocked

It’s tiring capping your FFXIV Tomestones and Farming FFXIV MGP for those outfits, minions, and mounts. This is where we come in, we will grind out those dungeon queues for you. Since we need to queue for max level dungeons, we do need you to have the appropriate item level for it. Normally in order for us to cap fully we require about 6 hours after purchase to complete the Tomestones portion of the bundle. That being said, it’s best to not use this as a rush process to cap before a raid. This Bundle is more meant as a good way to be able to relax for the week, and have a nice bonus of MGP to go with it.

FFXIV Tomestones and MGP Bundle


If you’re more interested in only getting MGP Farming done, you can check out our MGP Sales Page. We’ve always been the best when it comes to farming MGP, so if that’s what you’re out for, you can count on us. Keep in mind, every Monday we have our MGP sale, thanks to our Sales Roulette!

For more information on FFXIV Tomestones, you can check out the Wiki for what you can buy with them, and how to obtain them. If you rather not go to the Wiki page, the quick run down is Tomestones buy you end game/near end game gear. They also are used to buy other things/materials, but the main reason players want them is for the gear. We don’t have a specific sales page for buying only Tomestones, but if you’d like you may contact us and we can figure something out.

1 review for FFXIV Tomestones and MGP Bundle

  1. Derek Rawlings

    I made my first order with Mogvendor in the midst of the update to the website, and despite thinking that this might delay my order I was very pleasantly surprised when work began immediately on my rather large order (Wolf Marks were still included in the package at the time), and the extremely courteous customer support was in regular contact with me, keeping me appraised of what was going on every step of the way. You can tell a lot about the quality of service to expect based on the quality of customer service and I can say that hands down that both the service and the staff are top notch. They have earned a repeat customer here and I recommend you give them a try.

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