First off, we now accept bitcoin and Alipay through the power of Stripe!

While some links are still not fully up to date with the new layout, and the layout as a whole is still a work in progress (using that term lightly since it’s 90% completed at the time of this post), we wanted to go live with it so everyone can experience a more clean, less confusing website. Our power leveling isn’t 6 different products now for example, and you can now choose more than just 1-60 leveling! We’ll be pushing Mog Vendor more and more in the upcoming months, if FFXIV services are something you get often, please contact us with what you’d like to see, or even to make long term deals. Welcome to MogVendor 3.0, geared for the future.

Last year we said we didn’t want to be just the typical “We sell this product for games!” type of website, this year we will be pushing towards just that. We plan to create, and research to find, the most simplistic yet strong guides we can make/find for you all. While we do keep some secrets for farming MGP to ourselves, we will be making an MGP farming guide, leveling guide, and more! This won’t be in the near future though, but it will happen this year! We’ll be sure to make Stormblood guides this year in celebration of the expansion, as in, FFXIV Samurai Guides, and FFXIV Red Mage Guide. Yes yes I just snuck in some cheap SEO there, don’t judge me!