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We have the best and most safe FFXIV Accounts. Why can we claim they are the most safe? Simple, we tailor them for you. We do not recycle accounts, and if by a rare chance we do, we would mark them clearly. For the years we’ve been selling accounts, none have been recycled accounts so far. We have always prided ourselves in the quality of our products. So if you’re looking to buy FFXIV Accounts, you’ve come to the right place. All of our accounts come with a certain amount of classes/gatherers leveled, as well as good gear and Main Story Quests completed. We also try to add extra

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Don’t see any accounts for sale?

Do not worry! You can message us and purchase a custom order on an account! Sometimes we have accounts in progress as well, so feel free to ask what we’re working on, and what will be in stock soon! We always have something in the works, we will never be 100% empty on accounts or accounts in progress. Back to the original statement though, if you want a custom order be sure to have an idea in your head of your perfect account (in terms of class levels).

Why not just get FFXIV Power Leveling?

Simple answer: Power leveling is great, but the price and time you need to wait is sometimes not worth it. Having an already complete account can save you weeks/months of time and effort you just don’t want to put in. Another great thing about buying accounts is if you plan to use it as an alternative account. A lot of good raid groups normally have 2 characters they raid on, with this you won’t have to worry about the troubles of making a new character!

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