About Mog Vendor

We are Mog Vendor, our goal in making this website is to make sure our customers receive the best prices along with safety. We were formed in 2016, but we have experience in the Final Fantasy XIV market going back as far as 2013. Some of us were previous owners of other websites that sold similar products, so we all decided to band together to make a powerful website where our users do not have to worry about their accounts or purchases being low quality. We will only sell quality products, and quality services. We do not sell anything we are not 110% confident about. That being said, you may notice we do not sell gil, or possible some other products you may of been looking for, but we truly feel if we cannot provide the most top quality services, then we shouldn’t be selling those services.

We handle our main communications through Skype @ MogVendor, because we feel it’s much easier to communicate and socialize with our lovely customers, with hopes they will become our friends as well. While we do understand some people are here on a strict “Buy, Get Order, Goodbye” type mentality, our goal is to make sure you can look at us as friends that you are just purchasing a service from.