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I started in 2017, and don't plan to stop!

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Customer Service

We will treat you as a person, not as just another customer. Our discord is available for anything you may need.

Account Security

We take keeping your account safe as our top priority. If we feel something you request is risky, we'll decline it.


We were the first in the game for farming MGP for a reason, we are great at it. We have the most experience in what we do.


This is mainly where we shine. We’ve been farming MGP for players since the release of the Gold Saucer. We were the first and the only for years before anyone else got into it. With that experience, we do try our best to get you your MGP as fast, safe, and efficient as possible. We have 0 bans on record.

FFXIV Accounts

All our accounts are created to sell. We do not sell recycled accounts. When you get accounts from us, you can rest assured knowing they will never be reclaimed, since we are the original owner. We don’t use spam letters/numbers for account names. Every account comes with MGP, because we just enjoy it.