Amazingly fast service provided by very kind people. Had it done in less than a day despite me placing the order in the dead of night. I definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a fast and trustworthy service.


1 Million MGP

Site should now be fully functional again! Apologies for the cart displaying errors!

PlayerAuctions Feedback

If you want some more background on us, you can check out our PlayerAuctions page where we sell our services. We never want you to feel we use fake testimonials like other websites do. You are in good hands. Just click the number in paranthesis next to our name once you click the link below to read our reviews.

Customer Support

As a customer, or as someone just curious about our products, our Skype is always available to you! You will always be kept up to date with what is going on with your order. Heck, we would even jump in a call if you wanted to chat!

Extra Services

Unlike other websites, when we finish orders early, we like to farm a little more, or give you something extra to log into. We want you to be happy, not just be treated like a number. What’s the fun in that, right?

Account Security

Your account is taken care of like it’s our account. We guarantee you no one puts the amount of effort MogVendor does when it comes to keeping your account safe,and keeping anyone from knowing about your purchases.


Information Security

We take it serious. You can feel safe knowing we have an SSL certificate to keep your information from being stolen or phished. Always check for a green lock  by the URL of any website you put your information in.

1 Million FFXIV MGP

Our most popular product is no surprise the 1 million MGP deal. We have always been a company focused on MGP. It’s how we started! So we try our best to treat MGP orders with the highest of care. FFXIV MGP Services are our little baby! If you want to check out more about MGP, or purchase it, just check out the “More Details!” button below, where we hope to answer all your questions! Always keep in mind, if you have any additional questions, e-mail us or use our Contact Us page.

Premium FFXIV Accounts

You’re not buying recycled accounts from us. We tailor these accounts with your comfort in mind. If it’s FFXIV, we make sure the Main Story Quests are completed on our max level accounts. We also make sure the grand company is max level. We always put a hefty amount of MGP on the accounts, so you can ride in style with your very own Fenrir, Archon Throne, or Adamantoise! No one walks away from our site feeling ripped off.

Latest News We aren’t a blog site, don’t expect a lot of news!!

New Year, New Prices! 2018!

We've lowered down the prices of our FFXIV MGP and all other services by a minimum average of 30-40%. Check out the new deals before we realize we made a big mistake! We do plan to use our PlayerAuctions account much more than normal, so if you're into Cheap FFXIV...

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New Layout, and more!

First off, we now accept bitcoin and Alipay through the power of Stripe! While some links are still not fully up to date with the new layout, and the layout as a whole is still a work in progress (using that term lightly since it's 90% completed at the time of this...

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Big Price Cuts

Decided it's about time we make some major changes to build up our name more, meet more people, and to just generally make it more affordable for players to get their Fenrir. Really hope they add more MGP mounts someday, that way all the extra MGP we like sneaking you...

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Stop cheating yourselves by going to places that only care about money, and treat you like a number. You can shop with confidence knowing you will be treated properly, and will always get more than you purchase, because well… that’s just how we roll.